Mineral Wealth of India

Mineral Wealth of India: India is rich in mineral resources. It possesses large reserves of iron ore and mica, extensive deposit of coal, sizeable quantity of mineral oil reserves and rich deposits of bauxite. Mineral resources of India are very unevenly distributed. Names of some important minerals and the States where they are largely found are given below- Distribution of Mineral Wealth in India: Metallic Minerals Read More

National Waterways in India

National Waterways in India The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) came into existence on 27th October 1986 for development and regulation of inland waterways for shipping and navigation. The Authority primarily undertakes projects for development and maintenance of IWT infrastructure on national waterways through grant received from Ministry of Shipping. The head office of the Authority is at Noida. The Authority also has its regi Read More

Major Straits, Canals, Rivers, Lakes and Oceans of the World

Major Straits, Canals, Rivers, Lakes and Oceans of the World   Major Rivers of the World: River Origin Outflow Length (in km) Nile Tributaries of Lake Victoria (Africa) Mediterranean Sea 6,850 Amazon Andes (Peru) Atlanti Read More

Structure and Composition of Biosphere

Structure and Composition of Biosphere Biosphere -All living components of the Earth. All plants animals and microbes and their surroundings are known as biosphere. Environment has two components- Abiotic(physical and inorganic) and Biotic(organic). The structure of Biosphere has three components: Abiotic, Biotic and energy components.   I. Abiotic Components: It consists of all non-living elements which are essential Read More

National Parks in India and Wild Life Sanctuaries

National Parks in India and Wild Life Sanctuaries Following are the National Parks in India with their location Gir Forests Home of Asiatic Lion, In Gujrat Kaziranga Sanctuary One horned rhino, in Asom, Manas Sanctuary One horned rhino, in Asom, Chandraprabha S Read More

Planets & Spacecrafts

Planets & Spacecrafts PLANETS SPACECRAFTS     MERCURY Mariner-10 , Messenger (NASA)     VENUS Venus express (ESA)     MARS Curiosity ,Maven (NASA ) , India (MOM)     Read More

Agricultural Revolution in India

LIST OF AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION IN INDIA REVOLUTION AGRICULTURAL/PRODUCT     Black Revolution Petroleum production     Brown Revolution Leather production     Blue Revolution Fish production   Read More


PORTS IN INDIA :   The Waterways Authority in India divides Indian ports into three categories Major, Minor and Intermediate. India has a coastline spanning 7516.6 kilometers, forming one of the biggest peninsulas in the world. It is serviced by 13 major ports, 200 notified minor and intermediate ports. The total 200 non-major ports are in the following States:- Gujarat (42); Maharashtra (48); Tamil Nadu (15); Karnataka (10); Kera Read More


ISOPLETHS -- Line drawn on map along which the value of a particular phenomenon is uniform. Some Important Isopleths are ISOCLINE  SLOPE     ISODAPANE  EQUAL TRANSPORTATION COST DISTANCE     ISOBARS EQUAL PRESSURE     Read More

Rivers of India

Rivers in India are of 2 types a) Himalayan b) Peninsular   HIMALAYAN RIVERS -----   a)  BRAHMAPUTRA  -------------------   Total length of 2900 km.   Rises in Tibet ( from Chemayungdung glacier ), where it is called Tsangpo, and enters the Indian territory ( in Arunachal Pradesh ) under the name Dihang.   Important Tributaries : Subansiri, Kameng, Dhansiri, Ma Read More


PLANETS -----    Redefinition of 'Planet' by the International Astronomical Union. The Internationally recognized authority for assigning designations to celestial bodies (asteroids , stars , planets etc.).   A planet is a Celestial Body that :   a) is in orbit around the sun.   b) has sufficient mass so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium (nearly round) shape   Read More

Indian National Highways and Expressways

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is an autonomous agency of the Government of India,responsible for management of a network of over 70,000 km of National Highways in India. It is a nodal agency of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The first chairman of NHAI was Dr. Yogendra Narain, IAS and its current chairman is Raghav Chandra, IAS.   National Highway are maintained by the Central Government.   Read More


1) India is a Union of  29 States and 7  territories.   2) PENINSULA -- A Land mass surronded by water on 3 sides. The southern part is called Peninsula India. In west (Arabian Sea) , South (Indian Ocean)  and East (Bay of Bengal).   3) The Southernmost point of Indian Mainland or Peninsula ------  Kanyakumari also known as Cape Comorin. (8degree 4'N) in Tamil Nadu.    4) The Read More

Facts about Universe

Cosmology  -- Study of universe    Our galaxy is Milky way (or the Akash Ganga). Spiral in the shape.   Andromeda is our nearest Spiral galaxy. (Largest galaxy having 19 satellites)   Galaxy nearest to milky way is Canis Major Dwarf.    Light year --- distance covered by light  in one year in vaccum at a speed of 3*10raise to power 8m   Astronomical Unit --- D Read More


The biosphere reserve programme was launched by UNESCO in 1971 to provide a global network of protected areas for conserving natural communities. So far 18 biosphere reserves have been set up in the country.   First Biosphere in india was (Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve)     1) Nilgiri (Tamil Nadu , Kerela and karnataka)   2) Nanda Devi National Park & Biosphere Reserve (Uttarak Read More




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