RF coax cable, feeder & RF connectors

Coaxial Feeder / RF Coax Cable

Coaxial Feeder / RF Coax Cable The most common type of antenna feeder used today is undoubtedly coaxial feeder or coax cable. Coax cable, often referred to as RF cable, offers advantages of convenience of use while being able to provide a good level of performance. In view of this vast amounts of coax cable, coax feeder are manufactured each year, and it is also available in a wide variety of forms for different applications.   Read More

Balanced antenna feeder

Balanced antenna feeder - including open wire, two-wire, twin, and ribbon feeders Balanced feeder is a form of feeder that can be used for feeding balanced antennas (i.e. antennas that do not have one connection taken to ground). It is mainly used on frequencies below 30 MHz can offer the advantage of very low levels of loss. The feeder or transmission line is also referred to by other names including twin, two wire, open wire, and sometim Read More

Antenna RF Diplexer

Antenna RF Diplexer The antenna diplexer or RF diplexer splitter / combiner used for combining and splitting RF feeders so they can be used by multiple transmitters or receivers and possibly on different frequencies. An antenna diplexer or RF diplexer is a unit that in one application can be used to enable more than one transmitter to operate on a single RF antenna. Sometimes these units may be called antenna duplexers. Typically a Read More




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