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Geography Important (One Liner ) for Railway & SSC 2016 Exams

Geography Important (One Liner )  for Railway & SSC 2016 Exams   1. The first person to use the word geography was – Erastosthenes (276 – 194 BC)   2. The First presented the India on the world map – Tolmie   3. 10 latitude give the seperation of – 111 kms   4. 10 Longitude is equal to – 4” (minutes)   5. The Closest capital to tropic Read More

Current Affairs March-April 2016 for UPSC, SSC, SBI

Current Affairs March-April 2016  for UPSC, SSC, SBI We are compiling some important Current Affairs of every month of the year 2016. March to April Current Affairs will give you information important burning topics that can be asked in the examination like UPSC/IAS, SSC or upcoming SBI exam. Do read these important current event topics   Following are the important current terms important for exams, discussions and inter Read More

Modern History of India- TOP 200 Points

Modern History of India- TOP 200 Points Questions from modern India are often asked in SSC, UPSC, RAILWAY and other exams which have GK section. So take a print out of this page and remember all facts. Best wishes!!!   Muazzam occupied the Mughal throne as Bahadur Shah after his success in the war of succession.   Muazzam, the son of Aurangzeb was called as the ‘Shah Bekhabar’.   The Mugha Read More

Important Appointments Jan to March 2016

Providing list of all appointments in India and world/abroad during January to March 2016. Useful for your upcoming exams like UPSC, SSC and Railway.    APPOINTMENTS IN INDIA Parameswaran Iyer – New secretary of the Drinking Water and Sanitation Department   Muktesh Kumar Pardeshi – India’s Ambassador to Mexico   Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Pandey – Chief Commissioner for Persons wi Read More

Deaths of famous Personalities in the year 2016

Deaths of famous Personalities in the year 2016 We are giving you a list of famous personalities, celebrities of the world who passed away recently in the year 2016. Going through the whole list you will come to know who they were, what they did and what made them famous. This capsule will help you in LIC AAO, SSC CGL, Railways RRB, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO and other exams.    Deaths of famous Personalities    &n Read More

Important Questions

Important Questions that may come in your SSC Exam The coin Rupia was introduced by – Sher Shah   The conducting material coated inside the screen of CRT is- Aquadag   Copenhagen is the capital of- Denmark   Servant of India Society was founded by? – Gopal Krishna Gokhale   What is true about Zika Virus? – It’s transmitted by aedes mosquitoes.   Where Read More

Miscellaneous Information on States in India

Miscellaneous Information on States in India (SSC And Railway & All Other Competitive Exams) 1) Largest state (in terms of area)—Rajasthan 2) Smallest state—Goa 3) Most populous state —Uttar Pradesh 4) Least populous state— Sikkim 5) Most populous union territory (not incl Delhi) —Puducherry 6) Least populous union territory—Lakshadweep 7) Most densely populated state—Bi Read More

India ranking different Indexes 2016

India ranking different Indexes 2016   SN Index India Ranking Top Ranked Country 1 World’s most valuable nation brands report 2016 Yet to Release Yet to Release 2 Global Competitiveness Index 2016 Yet to Release Yet to Release 3 Global Innovation Index 2016 Read More

Popular Quotations Indian Famous Persons (Asked in Various Exams 2015-16)

Popular Quotations Indian Famous Persons  (Asked in Various Exams 2015-16)   Hey Ram. —Mahatma Gandhi   Swarajya is my birth right. —Bal Gangadhar Tilak   Aram Haram Hai. —Jawahar Lal Nehru   “We have now to fight for peace with the same courage and deter-mination as we fought against aggression.” —Lal Bahadur Shastri   “…&hel Read More

भारत की जनगणना 2011

भारत की जनगणना 2011    ● भारत की कुल जनसंख्या कितनी है? – 1,21,05,69,573 व्यक्ति    ● भारत की कुल जनसंख्या में से पुरुष जनसंख्या कितनी है? – 62,31,21,843    ● भारत की कुल जनसंख Read More

Important Institutes

Important Institutes of National Importance for SSC CGL 2016, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO and Railways   Central Coconut Research Institute =Kayamkulam (kerala) Central Institute of Fisheries Technology =Ernakulam (Kerala) National Institute of Oceanography =Panaji (Goa) Central Marine Fisheries Institute =Mandapam Camp (South India) Forest Research Institute =Dehra Dun (Uttaranchal) Indian Institute of Petroleum =Dehra Read More

First In India

First In India   1. First Deputy Chairman of PlanningCommission ? Ans:Guljhari Lal Nanda   2. First Law Minister of Independent India ? Ans:Dr.B.R.Ambedkar   3. First Indian State to be formed on linguistic basis after the independence? Ans:Andra Pradesh   4. First Indian to enter into Civil Services? Ans:Satyendranath Tagore   5. First Chief Election commissioner Read More

Banking Abbreviations for IBPS PO

Banking Abbreviations for IBPS PO Banking Abbreviations are a greatly common topic in banking recruitment exams. This can be understood by the number of question that are asked from this topic in each and every banking exam, on an average atleast two questions feature from this list. The questions can be asked in any of the related sections on either banking or marketing or computers. These questions may look random and hard to answer Read More

Agriculture in India

Agriculture in India   1. Agriculture and allied sectors accounted for what percentage of total workforce of India? Answer: 50 Percentage   2. India ranks …….. in worldwide farm output? Answer: Second   3. Agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fisheries accounts for …………. % of the GDP? Answer: 16%   4. Who is known as ‘The Read More

India in Olympic Games

India in Olympic Games   India in Olympic Games1. In which year was the Indian Olympic Association formed? Answer: 1927   2. India participated for the first time in ……… Olympics? Answer: 1900, Paris   3. Who represented India at the 1900 Paris Olympics? Answer: Norman Pritchard   4. How many gold medals Indian Hockey Team has won in the Olympic Game so far? Read More




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