List of Indian Missiles

      List of Indian Missiles Missile Name Orgin Type Range Speed Air-to-air missiles Astra Missile India Air-to-Air Missiles 60 – 80 km Mach 4 + Read More

Satellites & Launch Vehicle

SATELLITES & LAUNCH VEHILCE   PSLV C-31 : India's 5th Navigational satellite weight 1425.4 kg IRNSS-1e (Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System) was launched through PSLV-C31, in the series of 7 satellites. ISRO has already launched 4 Satellites, IRNSS is like GPS of USA, Glonass of Russia, Galileo of Europe etc   PSLC C-29 : On the 16th december, through PSLV C29, 6 satellites of singapore were launched Read More


AIRCRAFTS :   Dhruv --- This helicopter is developed by India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. It was designed with the assistance of Germany   Rudra  ---- It is an armed version of HAL Dhruv. It is equipped with forward looking infra red and thermal imaging sights interface, turned gun, rocket pods, anti tank guided missiles and Air to Air missiles   Kiran MK II ---- It is an Indian two seat Read More

Tanks & UAV's

TANK AND ARMOURED VEHICLES ----   Arjun Tank --- It is a 3rd generation Main Battle Tank  developed by DRDO. It can achieve a maximum speed of 77km/hr. It is protected by the Kanchan armour developed by DRDO   Karna Tank --- It is a Main battle Tank being developed by DRDO. It is made by combining the features of Russian T-72 and Arjun MBT. It can achieve upto 60km/hr   Arjun Mark II ---- This is an Read More


SUBMARINES :   ARIHANT ---- (means Slayer of Enemies) class submarines are nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines being developed for the Indian Navy. Arihant classsubmarines were designed and constructed as a part of the Indian Navy's advanced technology vessel (ATV) project. Arihant class will be armed with the existing 750km .k-15 Sagarika SLBM and under development K-4, an SLBM version Agni-III   K-152 N Read More


INDIAN NAVY SHIPS :   INS MUMBAI --- It is the 3rd of the Delhi class guided missile destroyers in active service with the Indian Navy. INS Mumbai was built at Mazagon Dock Limited   INS DELHI ---- It is the lead ship of her class of guided missile destroyers of the indian Navy. It was built at the Mazagon Dock limited in Mumbai   INS AIRAVAT ---- It is also known as Asian Elephant. It is a Shardul class Read More


RADAR SYSTEMS :   Swordfish   LRTR Long Range Tracking Radar is the target acquisition and fire control radar for the BMD (Ballistic Missile Defence System). DRDO scientists launched an indigenously developed interceptor missile that destroyed an incoming missile 'enemy' missile at an altitude of 75km. The missile firing will have also tested long range capabilities of its indigenously developed Swordfish rad Read More


SOME STRATEGICALLY IMPORTANT MISSILES OUTSIDE THE IGHDP    1) Astra :    It is an active radar homing beyong visual range Air to Air missile (BVRAAM). Range 80-110km   2) Amogha 1 :   Indigenously developed 2nd generation Anti Tank Guided Missile, two missiles of ranges 2.6km and 2.8 km were test fired from Babina Army Range, MP   3) Maitri :   It is a sho Read More


INDIA'S MISSILE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME    1) India's political and scientific leadership, which included Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, decided that all the technologies (in the fields of propulsion, navigation and manufacturing of materials) should be consolidated.   2) This led to the birth of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme. Dr Abdul Kalam, who had previously been the project dire Read More


Types of missiles:   1) Air-to-air missile   2) Air-to-surface missile   3) Surface-to-air missile    4) Surface-to-surface missile       1) Surface to Surface Missiles (SSM)   Also known as Ground to Ground Missile   SURFACE TO SURFACE MISSILES Shaurya, Prahar, Prithvi , Agni , K-15 Sagarika , K-4, K-5, B Read More


DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation)   It was established in 1958. It works under department of Defence Research and Development of Ministry of Defence.   DRDO's Vision   Make India Prosperous by establishing world class science and technology base and provide our defence services decisive edge by equipping them with internationally competitive systems and solutions.   DRD Read More




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