Common Names of Chemical Compounds

Common Names of Chemical Compounds:     Common Names Chemical Compounds Baking Powder Sodium Bicarbonate Blue Vitriol Copper Sulphate Bleaching Powder Calcium Oxychloride Chloroform Read More


IMPORTANT ELEMENTS AND TERMS OF CHEMISTRY Acids: These are the chemicals that produce positively charged hydrogen ions (H+) or a proton in solutions. Adhesive: A substance that sticks two surfaces together. Aerated: Water that has had air (oxygen) blown through it. Aerosol: Very small solid particles suspended in air. Air pollution: Contamination of the atmosphere caused by the discharge, accidental or deliberate, of a wide Read More


IMPORTANT ALLOY COMPOSITION   An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals   Name Composition Use Brass Cu(60% to 80%), Zn (40 to 20%) For making household utencils Bronze Cu (75 to 90%), Sn (25 to 10%) For m Read More

List of Compounds

List of Compounds  1. Compound Name: calcium carbonate  Formula: CaCO3 Uses: Non-prescription drug for relief from acid indigestion and heartburn. Also considered a calcium supplement.   2. Compound Name: sodium chloride  Formula: NaCl Uses: Used to season food (during food preparation and at the table), also used in the past as a method of food preservation.   3. Compound Name: Meth Read More

Acids & Bases

Acids & Bases- Facets To Remember  Acids  NAME FORMULA     Hydrofluoric acid HF     Hydrochloric acid HCl     Hydrobromic acid  HBr     Hydro Read More

Natural Occurence of Some Acids

NATURAL OCCURENCE OF SOME ACIDS Citric Acid Citrus Fruits (lemon, orange)     Lactic Acid Sour Milk     Uric Acid Urine     Formic Acid Sting of Bees and Ant     Bu Read More


ATOMS & MOLECULES : Atom is the smallest particle of an element (or matter) that takes part in chemical reaction. Atoms are made up of electrons,protons & neutrons. Molecules - is the smallest particle of a substance that does not take part in a chemical reaction.  Molecules are made up of two (or more) same or different  type of atoms. When molecule consists only same type of atoms is called HOMOATOMIC MO Read More




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