Blood Relationship Formula

Blood Relationship Formula   Father’s side                                                    –  Paternal   Mother’s side                                           Read More

Inequality Question (Concept & Tips)

Inequality Question (Concept & Tips) We are providing you Important Concept & Short Tricks on Inequality Questions in Reasoning which are usually asked in Bank Exams. Use these below given short cuts to solve questions within minimum time. These shortcuts & Concept will be very helpful for your upcoming All Bank Exam 2016.   About the Inequality Inequality is a common topic for all competitive exams. We can exp Read More


SEQUENTIAL OUTPUT TRACING : When an input of some numbers is given to a MATHEMATICAL NUMBER  or ENGLISH ALPHABETS generating machine , it gives sets of number in a specific pattern as an output.    AN Input may be of ENGLISH ALPHABETS OR  MATHEMATICAL NUMBERS or combination of both.   By analysing the data or knowing the pattern (Input and Output) , answer the following questions.   &nb Read More

Syllogism (Statements and Conclusions)

How to solve these kind of questions   1) Firstly, draw the venn diagram of the statement I.   2) Draw all possiblities of statement II  keeping in mind the venn diagram of statement I.    2) Then check all the given conclusions according to final venn diagram drawn, keeping in mind that CONCLUSIONS satisfy all the final venn diagrams drawn after statement II.     For example Read More




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