Model Question: Reasoning (IBPS Clerk 2016)

Model Question: Reasoning (IBPS Clerk 2016)

Model Question: Reasoning (IBPS Clerk 2016)


1. If A is B’s brother, B is C’s sister and C is D’s father, D is A’s…

(a) Brother                                (b) Sister                        (c) Nephew

(d) Cannot be determined     (e) None of these



2. P is brother of Q. R is the sister of Q. How R is related to P?

(a) Brother                                (b) Sister                       (c) Uncle

(d) Data inadequate               (e) None of these



3. Aparna’s mother is the daughter of Vishnu’s sister. How is Vishnu’s mother related to Aparna’s mother?

(a) Mother                               (b) Daughter               (c) Sister

(d) Grandmother                   (d) None of these



4. Q’s mother is sister of P and daughter of M. S is daughter of P and sister of T. How is M related to T?

(a) Father                                (b) Grandfather         (c) Grandmother

(d) Either grandfather of grandmother

(e) None of these



5. Ankit is the son of Zubin. Manju is the daughter of Anil. Sheela is the mother of Manju. Mohan is the brother of Manju.Zubin is Brother of Mohan. How is Ankit related to Sheela?

(a) Brother                                (b) Father                       (c) GrandSon

(d) Cannot be determined     (e) None of these



6. Prakash is the son of Pramod. Neha is the daughter of Abhishek. Ruchi is the mother of Neha. Awadhesh is the brother of Neha. Awadhesh and Pramod are brothers. How is Neha related to Prakash ?

(a) Brother                                (b) Niece                         (c) Aunt

(d) Cannot be determined     (e) None of these



Directions (7-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :

Five persons are sitting around dinning table. – K, L, M, N and O – K is the mother of M, who is the wife of O. N is the brother of K and L is the husband of K.


7. How is L related to O?

(a) Father                                 (b) Mother-in-law

(c) Brother-in-law                  (d) Father-in-law               (e) Niece



8. How is K related to O?

(a) Sister                                  (b) Mother

(c) Mother-in-law                  (d) Son -in-law

(e) Aunt



9. How is N related to M?

(a) Son                                     (b) Cousin                   (c) Brother

(d) Brother-in-law                (e) Uncle



10. How is M related to L ?

(a) Aunt                                   (b) Niece                     (c) Daughter

(d) Daughter-in-law             (e) Mother

Answer Key:

1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (d) 4. (d) 5. (c) 6. (c) 7. (d) 8. (c) 9. (e) 10. (c)


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